When we commit to being a staffing company that leverages ‘talent’ and has a core value of ‘diversity’ instilled, we’ve not just covered race, gender, and religious protections, but also people with disabilities. 

These individuals form an integral part of the workforce and are valuable yet underappreciated talent who also find themselves the victims of stereotypes and discrimination.

They can become reliable, committed and high performing workers-with a little training and acceptance.

At CWW, we help students and people with disabilities find job opportunities in corporate as well as federal roles.

Why CWW?

We conduct activities such as job shadow programs, résumé feedback, and mock interviews, to help the disabled individuals become better equipped to obtain employment.

We have a strong network of disability-focused partner organizations. We also train leaders on disability awareness. As a part of our larger disability staffing strategy, we look to train the disabled people, to give them confidence and on-the-job training. 

Everyone is unique. We work with people, partners, and employers to create fair, meaningful and long-term employment solutions that provide an opportunity to contribute, grow and thrive. For more information on the above, feel free to get in touch with our representatives.